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Bob, Huey & Me

This is a true story that began in 1998 when Rick & Diana acquired a wounded crow they named Bob and ended up taking care of for almost a year. Within weeks of the crow dying in 1999, they miraculously found a baby raven aptly named Huey, that was about 15 days old and to young to fly. Their goal was to get the bird back into the wild as quickly as possible. They did everything human parents could; teaching it to feed on what it would find in the wild, encouraging it to fly but by far the most difficult challenge was teaching it to fear what would harm it. Huey stayed for about six months and ended up taking over the entire neighborhood. Rick and Diana had had many great adventures with numerous animals, but Huey surpassed them all. His intelligence, love of play, the way he teased other animals, and learned to played dead was surprising enough. But then they caught him letting the neighbors dogs out so he could steal the dog food. And there's more. What's even more surprising, was how Rick was able to use wild untrained ravens to retell the story!

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The story that started our raven escapades, "Bob, Huey & Me" is available on DVD and in book form which may be purchased at an online e-store called CreateSpace (red links) or at Amazon.com (blue links).

Stories for "kids" of all ages who enjoy animals that play and love people!

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Bob, Huey & Me book

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"Bob, Huey & Me" The 10th Anniversary Edition is here.
A 10th Anniversary Edition of the book is now available. The story content is expanded and includes over 200 pictures and newly added short stories from our trips to Grand Canyon, Bryce, Catalina Island and more.

Bob,Huey & Me 10th Anniversary book at Amazon.com

You'll find the Movie "Bob, Huey & Me" on DVD here!
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Bob, Huey & Me DVD at Amazon.


Bob, Huey & Me movie is free online when you join!

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