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Welcome to The Raven Diaries's information page!

To say Rick and Diana Boufford are animal lovers falls short for they have dedicated decades to the study and enjoyment of many different kinds of animals in all types of environments. At The Raven Diaries, they share a number of their ongoing adventures. Much of Rick's study takes place at Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach California, where he is known by locals as Raven Rick and the Sea Glass Guy from the classes he gets to teach there.

Rick's passion growing up was science and especially the study of the ocean and everything in it. Like many in the late 60s' to early 70's, Jacques Cousteau was a major influence, and Rick's love for dolphins, especially the "killer whale", led him towards marine biology. Unfortunately, that field became so popular the job market was overwhelmed and so Rick followed his other passion for food and wine, but never lost his love of nature.

Why the Raven?
Rick's father had been a forest ranger for a time and taught Rick to love, respect and to understand his responsibility for all living creatures. Throughout his life Rick had the good fortune to be able to care and nurse numerous stranded or wounded animals back to health. In 1998, he happened upon a wounded crow, and right after in spring of '99, a baby raven. Rick and Diana had so much fun during the time they spent getting that baby raven safely back into the wild they wrote and book and produced a short movie called, "Bob, Huey & Me." It's not unusual for movie directors and actors to become lifelong friends after a shoot, and in this case, the actors were wild ravens. It was during the movie shoot where the couple learned all ravens have a unique personality and soon found themselves watching, studying and video taping wild ravens from all over the western United States. And because ravens pair up, stake out a specific territory and seem to stay there together for very long periods of time, the raven, who's personality Rick claims would rival or surpass anything in the animal kingdom, is far easier and far more cost effective to study and enjoy than over say something like a killer whale whose yearly trek may take it over many thousands of ocean miles. And Rick laughs as he tells the participants in his live raven presentations, "it's a little safer than say Jane Goodall and her primates."

Take a look around and enjoy some of their many videos, stories, maps and photos that can be viewed here. Rick and Diana have a passion to encourage people to get involved in this incredible place we call earth. One of their greatest joys is to share what they've been able to learn not only in the world of fine food and entertainment where they spent the last 3 decades but also in other areas where people get to do things together. So enjoy yourself here, and come back cause they'll be adding more!

Who's funding their research?
The Raven Diaries is the world's premier privately funded research project involving real wild ravens. They don't cage or harbor any birds anywhere. Many people ask Rick how they can donate or help fund their ongoing research. Coming from the business world, Rick believes that by producing results, the funding comes on it's own. They make available both nature and numerous other how to videos and books that they produce themselves. By purchasing and giving gifts of any of the varied subjects Rick and Diana love to share, your helping to fund their continued research!

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The Raven Diaries Information Videos
Quickies on what makes the raven so unique and updates on the families I study at Crystal Cove State Park. Plus, see the birds and the animals they share their territory with in beautiful Zion, Bryce, the Grand Canyon's north and south rims, Sedona and more!

Join Huey's Helpers
A short video showing how you can help keep wildlife safe.




MAPS - Meet my friends!
I love maps, and here's a set of maps showing the ravens I've been studying for the last
six years. Included is a short introduction to each family.

Map with each family's yearly brood count!
So far kid count has been from 1 to 6 to a brood!

Want the maps? Free PDF here!

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Bob, Huey & Me The Movie
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